Blake Bennett

Blake Bennett joined the team at Sport Canterbury in 2017 as Evaluation and Monitoring Advisor, providing support to the Community Sport and Healthy Families Christchurch teams.

Blake had his PhD conferred in the University of Canterbury’s School of Sport and Physical Education; his thesis focused on the rugby coaching methods used in both New Zealand and Japanese U13 - U18 rugby.

He completed his Masters’ Degree in Sport Sciences at Japan’s Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences, in the topic of coaching in the Japanese martial art of kendo. Blake’s undergraduate sport coaching degree was also completed at the University of Canterbury.

Blake has coached kendo as a volunteer for over 20 years at the Canterbury Kendo Club, and holds the rank of sixth degree black belt. He is head of the Education Taskforce for the New Zealand Kendo Federation, where he is currently developing coaching accreditation and young person leadership programmes.