On-line Learning Options

These interactive, introductory modules hosted on the Greater Auckland Coaching Unit web site provide an ideal introduction to coaching.

  • Coaching Starter Pack - This includes tips on the role of the coach, communication and how to run a practice session.
  • Safety Net - This includes ideas on how to create a safe environment for the kids (or adults) you coach.

In addition to these modules, the Getting Started in Coaching resource also provides valuable tips on your role as a coach, communication, sport safety, planning, and teaching new skills to athletes:

If you would like to find out more about generic (not sport-specific) coach development opportunities in your region, please contact your local Regional Sports Trust (RST). Alternatively, you may have a look at the workshops currently offered by each RST through their respective web site.

Sport-specific Coaching Modules and Courses

National and Regional Sporting Organisations coordinate and offer sport-specific courses and modules. For specific courses relating to your sport, please refer to your National Sports Organisation through the following link:

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