Losana Korovulavula

Losana Korovulavula brings a background in community engagement to the Healthy Families Christchurch team.

Before coming to Christchurch in 2015 from Fiji, Losana served in a number of United Nations agencies with a focus on Pacific island countries.

She worked closely with the Ministry of Health and stakeholders in the Pacific region on issues related to HIV/AIDs.

Losana holds a Master of Commerce (Management and Public Administration), Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and Industrial Relations), Post Graduate Diploma in Diplomacy and International Affairs ,and Post Graduate Certificate in Gender.

She believes that everyone has the ability to lead through the leadership potential within them to bring about change.

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About Healthy Families NZ

Following an appointment by the Ministry of Health in 2016, Sport Canterbury is the lead provider for Healthy Families Christchurch.

Healthy Families NZ currently focuses on 10 New Zealand communities, and is positively impacting the lives of over a million New Zealanders at present.

The Healthy Families Christchurch team is: Jill Borland (Manager), Naomi Tuipulotu, Losana Korovulavula and Nina Perez (Settings Coordinators), and Jacob Page (Communications and Engagement Advisor).

As with all Healthy Families NZ locations, the workforce of five full-time staff in Christchurch (Spreydon-Heathcote) will work with local leaders to create sustainable healthy change and to make healthy choices more accessible.

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