Connecting Coaches

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Active Kids Holiday Programmes

We offer action-packed holiday programmes full of fun and opportunities to 'have a go' at a wide range of activities. Thanks to William Stedman and Andrew Ellis for inspiring our Active Kids in April!

2017 Jump Jam Extravaganza

The date has been set for this highly anticipated South Canterbury event - Wednesday 28 June 2017.

A Commitment to Our Garden City

Sport Canterbury has joined a community of like-minded organisations, making a unique commitment to the future of the “Garden City.”

The Sport Canterbury team has in-depth experience in community sport, event management and physical activity. We deliver programmes and events to teachers, coaches, sporting organisations, health professionals and people of all ages across the Canterbury West Coast region. Everything we do is about getting, and keeping, people engaged with sport and physical activity.

Spaces, Places & People

A shared vision for the recovery of sport and recreation across Greater Christchurch.

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