Active Families

Active Families is a free support service for families with children under 12 with the goal of developing healthier lifestyles.

The service Active Families was developed in 2009 by the Ministry of Health to address childhood obesity and issues that can be addressed with regular physical activity and healthy eating habits. The service gives families the opportunity to work alongside a support person once a week for an hour over the period of three months. Within this time they will have a conversation about how they can best support the family in regards to their health and wellbeing and work with the family to develop some goals to support positive behavior change in regards to increased physical activity and nutrition support, with the main focus being on developing behavior change which will support long term health.

Our Key Focus

  • Develop sustainable healthy lifestyles.
  • Tailed approach to individual families and their needs
  • Support positive behaviour change
  • Education around nutrition.

To be eligible for the service a child must be above the 98th percentile on the BMI scale and have a referral from a health professional

How to Refer

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Justin Mitchell
03 373 5060