Committed to an Edible Garden City

Monday, 27 March, 2017

Sport Canterbury has joined a community of like-minded Christchurch organisations in making a unique commitment to the future of the “Garden City.”

This week, the team at Sport Canterbury signed the Edible Canterbury Charter, reflecting the commitment of Christchurch to be “the best edible garden city in the world.”

In 2016, Sport Canterbury Chief Executive Julyan Falloon took on the Healthy Families Christchurch initiative as part of his team’s portfolio, alongside existing Community Sport, Events and Physical Activity programmes.

“As an organisation we celebrate the connection between physical activity and nutrition in creating a healthier lifestyle,” says Falloon. “We actively encourage our team to pursue interests outside of work that contribute to their well being. This has benefits for them personally, as well as our organisation and wider community.”

Since 1989, Sport Canterbury has been committed to a clear vision: More People, More Active, More Often

“To realise this vision in 2017 we must help inspire communities to make healthy choices, keep active and see how these areas together affect their overall wellbeing,” says Falloon.

The Healthy Families Christchurch initiative supports this holistic approach, says Falloon.

“The interest in how our wider environment impacts health is becoming common – schools, churches, marae, sports clubs and workplaces can all play an important role.”

In deciding to sign the Edible Canterbury Charter, Falloon has canvassed his team.

“We want to be part of a community of like-minded workplaces,” says Sport Canterbury Chief Executive Julyan Falloon.

“Physical activity, nutrition and well being matter a great deal to many organisations, including our own.”

Zara Taylor is part of the Community Sport Team and agrees with the position her organisation has taken.

"We spend a lot of time at work, so it is important that workplaces are supporting their staff members' well being through physical activity and nutrition. I believe this makes work more enjoyable, and I'm proud to work in an organisation that cares not only for our own well being, but that supports other organisations to do the same."

The team at Sport Canterbury, including five staff members dedicated to the Healthy Families Christchurch initiative, has recently been involved in local activities that demonstrate their interest in sustainability and workplace wellbeing.

“In our limited space our team has created a garden for micro greens that everyone in the office can access; we are committed to composting our waste, and we have members of the team who volunteer with Community Gardens.

“We are constantly learning,” adds Falloon. “Edible Canterbury gives us access to a network of people and ideas that add to our growth as individuals and a team, and greater awareness we can take into our communities.”

For the Edible Canterbury Charter signing, Sport Canterbury was joined by Christchurch City Council's Tony Moore, the Food Resilience Network's Peter Wells and Project Grow's Sven Christensen. Fellow Brynley Street tenants also gathered with the team for a shared lunch.

"Christchurch City Council has a vision to be not only The Garden City, but the best Edible Garden City, so this is really pleasing to see an organisation like Sport Canterbury pledge their support," says Moore.

Following Sport Canterbury's signing, their upstairs neighbour, Mark Pfeifer of Bishop, Toomey & Pfeifer loaned their signatures to the pledge as well. "We were inspired by the celebration and agree with the values of putting access to nutritious food at the heart of our community. We challenge other workplaces to do the same."


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