Justin Mitchell

As part of Sport Canterbury's Physical Activity team, Justin Mitchell coordinates the Active Families service.

Prior to his appointment in 2016 as a Sport Canterbury Physical Health Advisor, Justin was employed as an Activelinks Field Worker with Comcare Trust. He has extensive experience in the physical activity space, with particular experience in mental health.

In his spare time, Justin enjoys playing football, getting out to explore the mountains and spending time with his family.

Justin holds a Bachelor of Sports Coaching, National Diploma in Mental Health and Certificate in Sport Studies.

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About Active Families

From January 2017, Sport Canterbury extended support to families facing health and lifestyle challenges, making a commitment to deliver the Active Families service.

Active Families was developed in 2009 by the Ministry of Health to address childhood obesity and issues that can be addressed with regular physical activity and healthy eating habits.

The service is aligned with other health improvement programmes delivered in the Canterbury region to contribute to the Childhood Obesity initiative, initially focusing on four and five-year-olds.

According to Sport Canterbury Chief Executive Julyan Falloon: “The key outcome of Active Families in Canterbury will be to ensure sustainable behaviour change to improve the long-term health of the referred families, through support, education and encouragement; ensuring families set goals for increasing physical activity levels and make sustainable lifestyle changes in and around their local communities.”

To access the service, Canterbury families must meet the following criteria: a child’s BMI is measured in the 98th percentile or greater during their Before School Check. The Before School Check will then refer the child and family to Sport Canterbury’s Active Families Coordinator.