Coach Recognition

Over 750,000 sport volunteers contribute over 50 million voluntary hours a year to sport in New Zealand. In partnership with Sport New Zealand and the Lotto Volunteer Foundation, Sport Canterbury rewards, recognises and supports volunteers throughout our region. We call them Sport Makers , because they make sport happen.


Coach Recognition

Lotto Coach of the Month

The Lotto Coach of the Month award recognises the contribution of a coach in a community sport environment. Coaches are nominated by their club, school or Regional Sports Organisation for going ‘beyond the call of duty’ and giving young people a fantastic experience of participating in sport. The Lotto Coach of the Month is awarded with a gift from Lotto for their contribution to the community, club or school they support as a volunteer.

Please contact Michael De Bono to nominate a coach in your region.

Thank a Sport Maker Coach

Send your favourite Sport Maker a thank you e-card for the work they do in community sport. Doing so gives them the chance to enter a prize draw to win $500 of quality clothing and sporting goods.

Say thanks to a volunteer Sport Maker Coach in your organisation.

Volunteer Recognition

Organisations and Their Volunteers

It is important that community sport organisations consider the volunteer life cycle when recruiting and supporting volunteers. This means having an approach that caters for all areas of volunteer management such as recruitment, induction, development and recognition. A well-developed volunteer plan helps prevent problems before they start.

Information on finding and keeping volunteers

Guides and resources to support volunteer management

Developing an ongoing process to thank and recognise your volunteers will have an impact on your organisation’s success. Formal and informal recognition of our volunteers is critical in keeping these individuals motivated and fulfilled. Their volunteer experience will directly impact on the way in which they represent or personify your organisation. Sport Canterbury helps support your organisations with this recognition with Lotto Sport Makers awarded year-round, and we invite you to recognise your volunteers in this way.

Volunteer Development

Success for organisations is reliant upon the capability and engagement of volunteers. As such, it is critical that volunteers have access to development opportunities, which will give them the tools and motivation to thrive in their roles.

In many cases these opportunities are sports-specific, in which case we invite you to make direct contact with your Regional Sports Organisation for more information. 

Other volunteer development opportunities  can be found by going to the Volunteering Canterbury web site.

Contact Us

If you would like more information related to coach recognition, please contact Sport Canterbury's Michael De Bono.

Michael De Bono
03 373 5035

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